Doklu v R [2010] NSWCCA 309 (16 December 2010)

CRIMINAL LAW – conviction appeal – whether evidence of admissions by appellant that he attempted to kill his wife wrongly admitted – Criminal Procedure Act s 281 – whether at the time when an admission was made the appellant was or could reasonably have been suspected by police officers of having committed an offence – whether reasonable excuse that tape recording not made – Evidence Act s 85 – whether admission made in circumstances where truth of admission unlikely to be adversely affected – Evidence Act s 90 – whether trial judge exercised discretion wrongly by admitting evidence – whether any relevant unfairness – relevance of appellant’s physical condition – whether appellant capable of understanding questioning
CRIMINAL LAW – conviction appeal – Jury Act – majority verdict – whether trial judge’s direction that majority verdict possible in some circumstances undermined effect of Black v R direction concerning need for jury to try its utmost to reach unanimous verdict – advisability of mentioning possibility of majority verdict before necessary to do so