R v El-Azzi [2004] NSWCCA 455 (16 December 2004)

[2004] NSWCCA 455

appeal against convictions

knowingly take part in manufacture of not less than large commercial quantity of methylamphetamine

conspiracy to manufacture not less than large commercial quantity of methylamphetamine

proper characterisation of the object of the conspiracy

impossibility of achievement by use of materials available

whether because object of conspiracy impossible of achievment by use of means proposed a permanent stay of proceedings ought be ordered

whether judge ought to have directed the jury they must be satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the object of the alleged conspiracy was the manufacture of methylamphetamine as distinct from amphetamine

whether separate trial of first count ought to have been ordered

admissibility of coincidence evidence

directions concerning evidence admissible on individual counts

the effect of doubts concerning credibility of a witness in relation to one count on jury consideration of other counts

directions concerning circumstantial evidence

evidence of deceased witness read

indemnified witnesses

cross-examination of appellant on matters relevant only to credibility

evidence of prior criminal conviction

evidence of disciplinary proceedings

discretion to grant leave to cross-examine appellant on credibility


“substantial probative value”

unreasonable verdicts


corroboration of evidence of accomplices

whether one accomplice can corroborate the evidence of another

directions concerning unreliability of witnesses

jury access to transcripts of counsels’ addresses and summing up

leave to appeal against sentence

appeal dismissed

leave granted to appeal against sentence

appeal dismissed

Evidence Act (NSW) 1995 s65, s98, s101, s102, s103, s104, s112, s128, s135 s136 s137, s164, s165, s192