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DPP v Hicks (Ruling No 3) [2014] VSC 106 (14 March 2014)

CRIMINAL LAW – Evidence – Murder – Aggravated burglary – Admissibility of boot worn by accused – Prosecution seeking to match imprint at scene with accused’s boots – Prosecution in opening expressly disavowing any such connection – Irreversible forensic decisions by accused’s counsel based on prosecution position – Unfair prejudice to accused – Evidence excluded.

Huang v University of New South Wales [2010] FCAFC 104 (25 August 2010)

EVIDENCE – foreign evidence – application to obtain evidence from Korea for use in Federal Magistrates Court proceeding – whether appellant denied procedural fairness – interpreter present during morning, but absent in afternoon, when hearing continued and judgment given – application adjourned to enable appellant to apply to vacate trial date – application subsequently dismissed because appellant had not so applied – whether appellant failed to understand requirement to apply to vacate trial date before next mention of application – whether appeal court should deal with merits of application when primary judge had not done so – appellant could have made further application once trial date vacated, but did not do so – need to obtain evidence from Korea depends on course taken by respondents at trial in relation to statements of Korean witness in an exchange of emails with appellant and in an affidavit

Evidence Act 1995 (Cth), ss 27, 63, 63(2)(b), 67, 170, 173, 190(1)(b), 190(3), 190(4)