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R v Darmody [2010] VSCA 41 (9 March 2010)

CRIMINAL LAW – Application for special leave to appeal from interlocutory decision pursuant to s 295 Criminal Procedure Act 2009 – Whether judge below erred in holding that the Evidence Act 2008 applied – Whether provisions of Clause 2(2) of Schedule 2 to the Evidence Act 2008 correctly applied by the judge – Whether complainant ‘not available to give evidence’ within the meaning of s 65(1) of the Evidence Act 2008 – Power to receive prior statement of an unavailable witness – Section 67(1)(4), the Evidence Act 2008 – Whether judge erred in excusing failure to give notice of intention to adduce evidence – Section 137, the Evidence Act 2008 – Whether probative value of evidence given by complainant at committal hearing was outweighed by danger of unfair prejudice to applicant – Whether judge erred in not excluding such evidence.